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* Physics Research Guide

Find Journal Articles - Databases

Searching and Retrieval Tips

Tips when searching for articles in our databases including the Find Research Materials search engine:

  • Use search operators AND & OR to build search strategy.
    • Use OR when you want to find articles that contain one or the other of the terms: Coupled Springs OR Couple Pendulums.
    • Use AND when you want to find articles that contain all of the terms: Seismic Waves AND Rocks.
  • Look at subject headings for more search term ideas
  • Use the truncation character * for searching multiple spellings of a word: Collision* searches both Collision and Collisions.
  • Use “ “ to search exact phrases: “Coupled Springs”
  • Use drop down menus to limit your search to subject headings.  This can make your results more precise.
  • If the article in not available in the library or online, use Interlibrary Loan to get it from another library.
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