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Rep Your Hall 2015 -- August 23 - September 6 @ Penfield Library: Instructions

An introduction to Penfield Library for new students.

New Deadline--Sunday September 6, 2015

The deadline has been extended to Sunday, September 6 at 11:59pm!



Welcome to Rep Your Hall the Penfield Library Challenge!  The Challenge is an introduction to your campus library. 

  • Visit the library and complete all 7 tasks described below.
  • Complete the challenge as a team or individually. Please limit teams to 4 students.
  • Submit all your photographs with your individual or team information to
  • Deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 6 at 11:59pm.
  • The hall with the most new students to complete the challenge wins a trophy.
  • Also win gift certificates for most creative, hall spirit, school spirit, teamwork, and funniest photographs. 
  • Contact with questions.

Check Out/ Reserves Desk

Check Out/ Reserves Desk. Stop at this desk located near the entrance on the first floor.  Here you can check out a maximum of 100 books for 42 days. You can borrow laptops and other technology, like portable scanners.  Also, save on course materials by using items your professors place on reserve.  Reserve items are found under your professor's name.

Task #1:   Take a picture of yourself & the item required to check out books and borrow technology.
Task #2:   Take a pic of yourself & a piece of technology available at this desk.
Task #3:   Take a pic of yourself with one of the items placed on reserve by Michelle Bishop.

Printers & Computers

Printers & Computers.  Concerned about printer locations, printing quotas, and finding an available computer?  Grab a library map (available near the Research Help Desk, first floor to the right of the stairs)Locate the following printer and computer locations.  You are allowed 500 pages per semester/session.

Task #4: Take a pic of yourself at each of these locations.

  • Quick Print Station (first floor, near the stairs).  Skip the log in & system start up.
  • Computer Lab (first floor, near the men’s room).  Over 50 Macs & PCs.
  • Instruction Room 1 (first floor, near Research Help Desk).  Find 15 PCs & a printer.
  • 24 Hour Study Room (first floor, head out of the library, make a right past the Check Out/Reserves Desk, continue to end of the hall).  Find 22 PCs and a printer.  Available 24/7.  Additional entrance from west side of building.

Your Librarian & Research Guides

Your Librarian & Research Guides.  There is an Instruction Liaison Librarian and a Resources Liaison Librarian for most majorsIn some cases, one librarian is both Instruction and Resources Liaison.  Research Guides are the best place to start your research.  Find articles, books, websites, background information, and citation tools for your assignments.

Task #5: Take a pic of yourself near your librarian’s office.  No team photos.  Individual photos only. (Since there is a librarian for every subject area.)

  1. Go to the library’s homepage
  2. Select Research Guides by Subject.
  3. Select the research guide most closely related to your major (if Undeclared, select English or a potential major).
  4. Look for the Instruction Liaison Librarian for that major.  Visit or call the Research Help Desk (315-312-4267) and ask for that librarian’s office number.**
  • **If your librarian is Kathryn Johns-Masten, Chris Hebblethwaite or Deborah Curry, take a pic of yourself in the Reference Room (first floor, rear right of the building).  Their offices are not easily accessible.

Group Study Spaces

Group Study Spaces.  Get used to working in teams.  You’ll be doing a lot of group work and Penfield has a variety of group spaces.

Task #6: Take pic of yourself in one group study space on first floor AND one of the study rooms on the second floor.

  1. Grab a library map (available near the Research Help Desk).
  2. Locate the following group spaces.
  • Lake Effect Conference Room (first floor near Lake Effect Café)

This room can be reserved, while the others are first come, first served

  • IGLUs or Innovative Group Learning Units (first floor, behind the stairs)
  • Instruction Room 2 (first floor, to the right of the IGLUs)

Available when not in use for classes or scheduled events

  • Group Study Rooms 200, 204 & 208 (second floor near librarian offices)

Finding Physical Books

Finding Books Located in the Penfield Library Building. You'll find over 80,000 electronic books online but you may also need to find books in the building. 

Task #7: Select an interesting book from the results.  If the “status” is available then the book is in the building and has not been checked out.  Write down the call number.  Find your book in the building.  Take a "shelfie" (picture of yourself in the shelves with your book).  You can always Ask a Librarian at the Research Help Desk on the first floor if you need help. See images below.

  1. Go to the library’s homepage
  2. Enter your intended major into the search box.  Then select the “books only” option.  Then enter.  See example below.

If you do not select the "books only" option your results will also include articles and other non-book items.

Ask a Librarian