• Pay attention to the design you're choosing! Some designs may require additional assembly after being printed
  • Not all designs are intended for printing with the same material. The only material we print with is PLA plastic.
  • PLA plastic is generally food safe, but we cannot guarantee the printer will not add any unsafe elements. Most of our PLA plastic also contains dyes to make the plastic different colors. It is best to stay away from printing items that will come into contact with food.
  • If you have any questions about whether a design is printable with our equipment or want an estimate of how much it might cost, contact

Not ready to make models yet?

3D models uploaded by their creators that are free and legal for you to use

Mix of free models and models that cost money


Make your own models

These tools are listed roughly in the order of difficulty from easier to more complex. All are free to access. The best file types to save in for 3D printing at .stl and .obj.