What can I print?

3D printers read information from special computer files to know what to print. These files are typically created with 3D modeling software. At this time, the library cannot create designs for you, but will print designs you send to us.

There are many options for using models designed by others or getting started designing models yourself. Check out the Models tab of this guide to learn more.

3D Printing Basics

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What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process in which a special printer gradually builds a three-dimensional model based on what it reads in a computer file. It works somewhat like a glue gun: the material goes into the printer, is heated and melted, and is then pushed out into a new shape; this is a process called extrusion. There are many different types of material 3D printers can use; ours both print with PLA, a type of corn-based, biodegradable plastic.

"Time-Lapse of Guitar Hangar and Eiffel Tower 3D Print" by Garden Street Academy is licensed under a CC-BY license


For a much more detailed look at 3D printing as a technology, you can explore 3D Hubs's "What is 3D Printing?" guide or explore their Knowledge Base of 3D Printing articles.

The printers

We currently have two 3D printers, both Lulzbot Minis. We also have some Scribbler 3D printing pens.

Lulzbot Mini

Scribbler 3D printing pen



Printing Policies

  • If we print it for you, the price is $0.20/gram rounded to the nearest gram.  (See sample prints with prices.)
    • Prints that total under $1 will be rounded up to $1.
    • Any job over $10 will require extra confirmation by email; in these cases, you will be contacted with an estimate.
  • If you go through training and print it yourself, the price is $0.15/gram rounded to the nearest gram.
  • Payments must be made in cash when picking up print.
    • Items not paid for or not picked up after a month will be charged to your library account.
  • The library does not design objects to be printed, but we can usually resize an object if you provide desired dimensions.
  • This service is available to the public, but priority is given to SUNY Oswego students, faculty, and staff, and to class projects.
  • Please allow up to 5 business days to have objects printed. You will be notified when objects are ready to be picked up.
  • No guns or gun parts.
  • Items must adhere to copyright restrictions.