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Penfield Library Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please be aware that the information on this guide is subject to change due to the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Library staff will do its best to make sure the information on this guide is up-to-date.

This guide was Last Updated: Sep 18, 2020 2:37 PM


Per the campus guidelines, you are required to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you are found not wearing a mask:

  • We will ask you (politely) to put on a mask.

  • If you refuse, we will ask for your ID and then ask you to leave. All refusals will be reported to either Student Affairs (students) or Human Resources (faculty, staff).

  • If you refuse to leave, we will report you to University Police as a trespasser.

All Library employees, including student workers, are authorized to take these actions.

If you are a student that has secured a library study carrel for the semester, you may remove your mask while you are in the carrel.

Social Distancing

Per the campus guidelines, you must remain 6 feet apart from others. Please do not congregate in library spaces, even if you are with your pod-mates.

Library Furniture & Spaces

  • Books:

    Current data suggests that COVID-19 can live on books for 3-4 days. In order to minimize possible transmission of the virus, we ask that you refrain from touching books. You will notice barriers that prevent you from entering the aisles - please do not move or go around the barriers.

    If you need a book, you can request it through the library catalog. Library staff will retrieve the book for you and you will be able to pick it up within 1-3 business days. (Faculty & staff may request items starting Aug. 3; students may request items starting Aug. 24.)

    If you remove a book from the shelves and bring it to the check out desk, we will need to quarantine the item for 4 days. You will not be able to check out the book immediately.

  • Furniture:

    Please do not move library furniture. We have carefully moved or removed library furniture in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

  • Study carrels:

    • We will continue to have study carrels available that can be reserved by students for the entire semester.

    • Carrels that are reserved for one day will not be available this semester.

    • Commuter students will be given priority in study carrel assignment, since they do not have a dedicated space on campus to study (such as a dorm room).

Food & Drink

Drink: Covered beverages (including coffee drinks) are still permitted in the library.

Food: Food is no longer permitted in the library. This is because eating involves the prolonged absence of a mask.

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