Types of articles

You can use the same databases and search strategies that you used in the virtual library assignment to find articles. In that assignment, you focused on finding research-based articles.

For this assignment, you can also used research-based articles and published literature reviews, which can help you identify articles that are relevant to your topic. In the screenshot below, you can see that the first article is a literature review due to the title (highlighted in pink) and the subjects (highlighted in purple). 

Screenshot of search results in Ebsco, with titles, subjects, and other things highlighted

Another way to find relevant articles

You can use articles' reference lists and Google Scholar to find related articles - check out our guide on using bibliographies to find sources.

Here's the general idea...if you have one good article to start with:

  • You can look backward by looking at the article's bibliography. As you were reading the article, did any of its citations seem relevant to your research topic?
  • You can look forward by seeing who has cited your "one good article." Because academic publishing is a slow process, this is more useful when the "one good article" is at least a year or two old.

Here's a visual way of looking at it - in the example image below, the De Wever, Schellens, Valcke, & Van Keer article is our "one good article."

Image showing a timeline with three citations, each one cited by the previous one