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TED 201: Introduction to Teaching Technology Education

How this guide is organized

According to Prof. Dykeman, your project should have the following elements: 

  1. a brief personal and academic biography (minor)

  2. what/who experiences influenced the development of the person's philosophy/theory/research and how (minor)

  3. what are the key elements and important details of the person's theory/philosophy/research (major)

  4. examples of how the person's theory/philosophy/research has been implemented or evident in past iterations of American public schools (minor)

  5. which elements of the theory/philosophy/research can/should be transferred to a technology and engineering classroom (major)

  6. examples of how implementation of those elements of the theory/philosophy/research could be manifest/demonstrated/evident in the activities, instruction, and environment of the technology and engineering classroom (this is the actionable information) (major)

Below, I'll explain which resources can help you answer each of these questions. 

A few how-to guides you might find useful:

Elements A - D

These resources should help you find information about the theorist you are researching, their influences, and the key points about their theories. They may also have some information about how their theories have been interpreted in U.S. and other Western schools. 

The first two sources are (online) multi-volume encyclopedias. As you can see from the publication dates, they're somewhat dated! If you can't find your theorist in these sources, try the last two links, as they're likely to have more current information. 

You might also want to see if we have any books that talk about your theory / theorist. I understand you probably don't have time to read an entire book for this assignment, but you might find a chapter or two that is useful! 

Elements E & F

For the last few questions, you may want to search some of the library's databases to see if articles have been written about your theory / theorist, and how they relate to technology and engineering. 

A few tips

  • Although most search tools will look for all of the words you search for, they don't always look for those words together. If you want to search for a specific phrase, put it in quotes - e.g. "cognitive load." (This works in Google and most library databases.)

  • In addition to your theory / theorist, you might try searching for these topics:

    • STEM
    • STEM education
    • Science education
    • Engineering education
    • Technology education (make sure to put this one in quotes!)
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