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SOAR- SUNY Open Access Repository

Guide for faculty, staff, and students to add published materials and thesis projects into SOAR.


OswegoDL will continue its designation as the digital library for all other works created by SUNY Oswego faculty, staff and students that fall outside the defined scope of “scholarly articles, or the kinds of writings typically published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and conference proceedings” found in the SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy. This includes, but is not limited to, writings not considered scholarly in the field (op-ed pieces, popular articles), works published by SUNY Oswego, works created and published by student organizations, and digital items created for internal scholarly and creative activities such as QUEST and RISE. SUNY Oswego faculty, staff, and students are required to create an account before submitting digital items to OswegoDL

Contributing to OswegoDL

If you are interested in contributing to OswegoDL please review our guide at

 For direct access to OswegoDL, please use

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