Digitized Correspondence

Digitized Millard Fillmore Papers Collection

The Millard Fillmore Papers collection was selected for digitization as part of a Special Collections Grant from NNYLN to purchase scanning equipment in 2018.  Scanning commenced and approximately 25 years of correspondence and documents can be accessed via New York Heritage Digital Collections with more being released throughout the year.  

In 2023, a transcription project will launch to increase access to these valuable resources.  More information will be available during fall 2022.


In addition to staff and librarians at Penfield Library, several student assistants and interns worked on the Millard Fillmore Digitization Project

  • Justin Driscoll, Student Assistant, Scanned bulk of collection
  • Gemma McAfee, Student Assistant, Scanned bulk of collection
  • Evelyn Frederiksen, Student Assistant, Review collection
  • Michael Harris, Intern, Fall 2021, Add metadata to collection & assisted with creation Millard Filllmore guide
  • Amera Croxton, Student Assistant, Quality control review and rescan materials
  • Maynessia Pierce, Student Assistant, Add metadata to collection