I've created this guide to help you with your Group Work Rationale assignment. I've copied and pasted the relevant portion of your syllabus below:

Students will choose a specific population (e.g., children; adolescents; older adults; African American men; College students), topic (e.g., eating disorder; depression; bullying; adjustment/transitional challenges; identity development; self esteem) or a combined form of both. Students will provide a strong rationale for designing a group with their choice of population/topic which must be supported by the literature. Ability to conduct research and perform technical writing is essential for professional counselors, and this assignment is designed to assess students' competency to do so. Through this assignment, students will provide a literature review of the population/topic, including the challenges and concerns facing the group, and relevant diversity and ethical considerations related to working with the selected population/topic. Students will submit a formal paper detailing such literature review, including rationale to conduct group work with the chosen group/topic, following APA style. Incorporate a minimum of 8 professional references (e.g., journal articles; books) to support your rationale. Limit this paper to 8-10 double-spaced pages, including the title page and references. No abstract is needed. The assignment will be submitted in a group format; namely, only one submission is needed for each dyad/triad.

So, my goals are to:

  • Help you find references for your literature review
  • Help you synthesize your sources
  • Help you with APA style formatting and citations