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About Us

The Lake Effect Research Challenge was created by:

James T. Nichols, Emily Hart, Karen Shockey, and Shannon Pritting.  If you have questions about the Challenge, please contact us at

The Lake Effect Research Challenge was the July 2009 PRIMO Site of the Month.

Welcome to the Lake Effect Research Challenge

How to get started:

The Challenge can be used in 2 ways, pick the best option for you.

Option 1 - To Get Help With my Research

Look at the different sections on the left. Choose which one you want to learn about.

Option 2 - For a Class

If you're doing this Challenge for a class:

  • Start with Section 1 “Picking and Exploring a Topic.”
  • Be sure to complete all 6 sections.
  • Get a head start by using a research topic from one of your classes.
  • There are worksheets for Sections 1 through 5; If you are completing the entire Challenge, make sure to complete all five.

The Lake Effect Research Challenge will help you to:

  • Become an efficient and effective researcher
  • Create and refine a thesis statement
  • Find a variety of reliable sources for research
  • Better use libraries and the Internet for research and learning
  • Participate in the research of your major and career


Throughout the Challenge, you'll see Boxes Labeled "Enrichment."  The Enrichment content will help you learn more about how to get a good grade.

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