Lake Effect Research Challenge: 4-Finding Articles

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Searching for Articles

Now that you've planned your search, let's begin finding journal articles.

If you haven't completed the section on Searching, please go there now.


  • Journal articles are narrowly focused
  • Many fields rely more heavily on journal articles than books
  • Deliver the most recent and cutting edge information
  • Often available through the library in print or online; print and online versions are essentially the same

Types of Articles

  1. Magazines

    • Examples: Newsweek, Time, Sports Illustrated, People
    • Quality varies and they may or may not be good sources for college level research
  2. Newspapers
    • Examples: New York Times, Syracuse Post Standard, USA Today
    • Very current and often provide first hand reports of events
    • Quality of articles varies
    • Historical newspapers are available

  3. Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
    • Examples: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Environmental Education Research,Journal of Environmental Science
    • Professors approve of and encourage you to use these
    • Presents research conducted by scholars
    • Are written for scholars in the field and will include advanced vocabulary
    • Reviewed by experts for quality

Now that you know more about them, let's learn where to Find Articles.

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