Lake Effect Research Challenge: 5-Websites

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Searching for Websites

Now that you've planned your search, let's begin finding websites. If you haven't completed the introduction to searching section, please go there now, then return to this section.


  • Good for getting current and popular information
  • Scholars are just beginning to use the web for publication
  • Quality is uneven. Anyone can create a website
  • Professors will be more critical of websites than journals or books
  • Can be found using search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live), but these only show a small portion (less than 10%) of the web

Common Types of Websites:

  1. Agency or Organization (.org, .gov, .edu, etc.)
    • Examples: Central Intelligence Agency, Planned Parenthood, United Nations, Stanford Solar Center
    • Organizations devoted to education or public service are likely to have useful websites
  2. Commercial
    • Examples:, (Exxon Mobil), (Budweiser)
    • Information provided serves the purposes of the company
    • Purpose is to sell or promote products
  3. News
    • Examples: CNN, NY Times, ESPN, (The Post Standard), MSNBC
    • Purpose is to cover breaking news and current events
    • Quality of reporting varies
  4. Social Networking
    • Examples: Facebook, MySpace, Blogs and Wikis, Wikipedia
    • Purpose is to share information and interests among groups
    • Quality varies wildly, but can be useful to point you to other resources

Now that we've explored the qualities of various types of websites, let's look at how we find them using different types of search engines.

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