Lake Effect Research Challenge: Evaluating and Citing

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Evaluating Sources

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Why Evaluate

  • Better sources will lead to better grades, better papers, and better learning
  • Your professor is going to review your sources so you should too
  • The better your sources the better your work looks

How to evaluate:

Depends on:

  • type of source you're looking at
  • where it came from
  • what you're using it for

Think about each source critically - find the strengths and weaknesses of each source.  Use the elements of critical thinking to evaluate the ideas and information presented by each author.

You can evaluate your sources by applying these Criteria.

Enrichment--Elements of Critical Thinking

View this model to explore the elements of critical thinking.  Being familiar with these elements will help you evaluate the ideas and information presented by other authors and help you develop and support your own ideas.

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