Lake Effect Research Challenge: 2-Searching

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Introduction to Searching

Do you have a well-developed thesis statement? If not, go back to the section on Picking and Exploring a Topic.

To get what you want quickly, take a minute to plan your search.

Here is the thesis statement we came up with earlier:

"Greater use of renewable energy sources can slow down global warming and its effects".

The first step is to pick out the main concepts in the thesis statement. These will become your keywords.

Global warming
Slow down of global warming
Renewable energy sources

Some of the words or concepts from your thesis statement may need to be changed to do better searches. A computer will not understand the phrase "slow down of global warming".

Search Entered: Entire Thesis Statement "Slow down of global warming" "Renewable Energy" and "Global Warming
Academic Search Complete Database no results 31 results 307 results
Library Catalog no results no results 6 Results


Let's look at a thesis statement to find useful keywords and synonyms.

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