Lake Effect Research Challenge: Where to Search

Challenge Worksheet

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Where To Search

Where should I begin searching?

It depends on what you're looking for and what your assignment is; no one place has everything you'll need.

Depending on your subject or field, some places are better to search than others for certain types of information.

If your professor wants you to use scholarly articles or books, look in the library's databases or catalog. Scholars primarily publish their work in journals or books.

The library catalog and databases are available through the library's website from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

If you're looking for non-scholarly materials you'll have many more places to search.


  • Books are longer
  • Have more extensive information
  • Often not current
  • Use library catalogs to find books


  • Journal articles are shorter
  • Deliver the most recent and cutting edge information
  • Find journal articles in the databases that this library provides for you
  • Popular magazines and newspapers are also available in these databases, and may contain useful information


  • Can be quick and easy to find
  • Good sources for breaking news, entertainment, travel and shopping
  • Not necessarily scholarly but may contain useful information
  • Scholars and researchers are just beginning to publish their information on the web
  • Use Internet search engines to search for websites

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