Lake Effect Research Challenge: Research Question or Thesis

Challenge Worksheet

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Research Question or Thesis

Now you've got a thesis statement. It should look like one of these examples:

  • As global warming progresses, New York City will disappear under the ocean.
  • Global action is needed to reduce carbon emissions and to promote sustainable development using renewable energy sources.
  • Greater use of renewable energy sources can slow down global warming and its effects.

To save time as you search, improve your presentation, and enhance your research, you should now have the following:

  • Keywords and vocabulary for your topic
  • General knowledge of your topic
  • Key sources on your topic
  • A well-developed research thesis statement

If you don't have all of this, go back to the previous section.

Please complete the Section 1 Worksheet now.

With these in hand, you are now ready to begin Module 2, Searching For Sources.


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