Lake Effect Research Challenge: Evaluating Books

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Evaluating Books

If you haven't gone through the section on Evaluating Your Sources, please go there now and then return to Finding Books - Evaluating.

Use the example below of a book record from the library catalog to practice evaluating a book.

Now that you've evaluated the record for the book to make sure it's worth grabbing off the shelf, you'll want to evaluate the actual book.

Evaluating the physical book:

  • Skim for reading level. Is this something your professor would read or recommend?
  • Check for the author's credentials to evaluate their experience or education in the field.
  • If you haven't already seen the table of contents, skim it now.

As you read the book continue to evaluate the author's ideas and arguments.

Now that you've evaluated your book, if you've decided to use it, you'll need to Cite It.

Evaluating a Book Record

Evaluating a Book Record from the Library Catalog:

Entire Record - Earth: the Operator's Manual


Evaluating - Cover, Title, Publisher, Description

Evaluating - Bibliography, Table of Contents, Subject Headings

Ask a Librarian