Lake Effect Research Challenge: Reading Results

Challenge Worksheet

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Reading Results from the Catalog

Use the Catalog Results to Help You Begin Evaluating the Book

After you've conducted your search, you'll get a list of items that meet your search criteria. There are several features that can help you determine whether the book is relevant to your topic, of high quality, and is current.

The result list can also give you information about whether the book is available and how to find it.

Look for the following information in the result list:

  • Author and title
  • Call Number
  • Link to check Availability of the book
  • Link to further information such as table of contents

Reading a Book Record in the Catalog

Use the Book Record to Help You Determine if this is a Good Book for You

The book record, which provides more in-depth information about the book, can provide you with more information that can help you determine if this is the right book for your resarch.

Look for the following to help you decide if you want to check out and use the book:

  • Author, title and publication information
  • Table of Contents
  • Subjects that will tell you more about the content of the book and help you find other books.
  • Other information such as number of pages or use the author's name to search for other books written by him or her.


When you select a book that looks useful to you, you'll need to find it in the library.

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