Lake Effect Research Challenge: Evaluating Websites

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This Video on Evaluating a Homepage will address how to look at content, design, and features to determine if you're  looking at a quality website.

Evaluating Websites

If you haven't gone through the section on Evaluating Your Sources, please go there now and then return to Finding Websites - Evaluating.

From our list of results we chose to evaluate the homepage of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Search results sometimes give you links to sections or documents within a Website. If you are not taken directly to the homepage, you should still review it.

Homepages can tell you a lot about the quality of the website, but you need to closely examine the specific pages or documents you are using.

If you choose to use a webpage or document linked from a homepage or website, you'll need to continue to evaluate the author's ideas and arguments.

Use the Criteria for Evaluating discussed elsewhere in the Challenge, or use the CRAAP Test developed by Cal State University.

If you've chosen a webpage or document that's useful for your presentation and evaluated it, then you'll need to cite it.

Evaluating a Web Document

Evaluating a Sample Web Document Linked from the Union of Concerned Scientists Website

Here's an example of a web document that was linked from Union of Concerned Scientists' homepage:

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