Lake Effect Research Challenge: Citing Websites

Challenge Worksheet

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Section 5 Worksheet

Citing Websites

If you haven't gone through the section on Citing Your Sources, please go there now and then return to Finding Websites - Citing.

Major parts of a webpage ciation are:

  • author or organization
  • title of webpage
  • name of website
  • date last updated
  • date you accessed it
  • web address/URL

Look at the following sample website citations:

Please complete the Section 5 Worksheet.

If you need additional help finding articles you could try Asking a Librarian.

For guidelines on citing sources using different styles, go to Citing Your Sources on the Library's Homepage.

If you are doing this for a class, be sure to complete the sections on:

Finding Books
Finding Articles

If you have completed all the sections you need to, congratulations, you’ve finished the Lake Effect Research Challenge!

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