Tests and Measures

Use PsycTESTS to find full texts of tests and measures.  This database from APA has full text of over 7,000 measures.

Video: How to Find Tests in APA PsycTests

Findings Tests Using PsycINFO and PsycTESTS

You may find references to Tests and Measures when running a search in PsycINFO. If you find a test or measurement in PsycInfo that you want to review, you can search for it in PsycTESTS through its Document Object Identifiers (DOIs).  The DOI provides a persistent link to electronically published articles. 

To do this, click on the title of the article you found in PsycInfo, then scroll down to the section called "Tests and Measures." Copy that DOI and paste it into the PsycTESTS search box.