Citation Building Tools

Use these tools to format your reference list citations in APA, Chicago, or MLA styles. Check the accuracy of these citations (e.g. capitalization, indentation, etc.) using a citation guide.

Citation Managers

  • Zotero
    • Browser-based (Firefox only) and desktop citation manager. You can also share folders with other Zotero users. It works with Microsoft Word as well.
    • Account: Zotero is free and open-source, but you do need an account.
    • Help tutorials from Zotero.
    • Penfield Library Zotero Guide
    • NOTE: If you are using Chrome on a campus computer, you will need to download the plug-in and restart Chrome.
  • Mendeley
    • Web-based and desktop-based citation manager that collects your sources in one place. You can create groups to share resources and export your bibliography. It can also sync with Microsoft Word. Mendeley has a more social feeling than Zotero.
    • Account: Mendeley is free, but you do need an account.