Finding Copies of Tests


Finding if copies of tests exists on your topic can be accomplished using Psycinfo, Mental Measurements Yearbook, and the ETS Test Collection.

When you find a test that looks good for you to use, you'll have to see if you can get a copy.  Many tests are only provided by the test publisher and will require that you purchase the test.

However, some tests and measures are published in either the journal literature or in collected handbooks, guides,or anthologies.


Test that is published in an article:


Test that is published in a book:



You will then need to search the library's catalog or our find a specific journal to see if we own the journal or book; if we don't own either, you can always Interlibrary Loan the titles.

You can also try searching in the "Worldwide Libraries" of the library's  catalog for the test title  to see if a copy is anthologized or included in a handbook or compilation.

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Go to the Advanced Search

  1. To request a book from another SUNY library, click Borrow from another library.

  2. Click on the link to sign in, then login with your Laker NetID and password.

  3. Click Interlibrary loan.

  4. Make sure the request information looks correct, and if you'd like, add a comment. Then click Send Request.

  5. That's it! We will email you when the item arrives at Penfield.

Search Journals by Title

After you find the citation for your article, you can search our journals by title to see if Penfield owns the journal that you need.


Use Psyctests to find full texts of tests and measures.  This database from APA has full text of over 7,000 measures.