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Using PhilPapers

PhilPapers provides indexing and browsing for titles of all kinds of materials in the scholarship of philosophy with up to four avenues for accessing the full text. None of them work smoothly or consistently at present. In order of usefulness:

Through your library -- Recommended -- For this to work, you will need to create an account on PhilPapers, and configure an OpenURL resolver in your PhilPapers Settings. Sign in to PhilPapers. On the top left, make sure you have clicked on PhilPapers and haven't slipped into PhilPeople. Then click on Settings on the top right corner. Select "At my library" in the left column. Use Method B to manually enter the OpenURL resolver for SUNY Oswego:

This will become your custom OpenURL resolver. This will work like Find Full Text in our other databases.

Download from Archive -- When allowed by the copyright owner, a copy or version of a paper may be submitted to the PhilPapers Archive and made available for download.

Find it on Scholar --When allowed by the copyright owner, a copy or version of a paper may be posted on the Internet and made available for download through Google Scholar. If you personalize your preferences on Google Scholar, you might also be able to use the CHECK PENFIELD LIBRARY feature to find a published copy of the paper.

External Links -- Not Recommended -- The external links that PhilPapers provides generally go to the publishers' websites and not to the vendors' platforms where most of our full text journals are available through subscriptions. These links are not reliable tools compared to Through your library or Google Scholar.

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