GovTrack is a great site that both summarizes bill and provides information about their status.

The link above will take you to the search page; it defaults to the most recent congress only. Select "All" from the congress drop-down menu (on the left) to search all the congressional sessions on the site.

They also provide a great overview of how a bill becomes a law!

New York State

New York State:

    • Use Westlaw to search for state laws.  Input your search, then click the box for “State Statutes.”  Be sure to select a state.
    • Click on the desired law to go to the full text.
    • On the left-hand side of the page of full text, click on the link for History.
    • You should see the history of the law, including the bill number, year it was introduced, and the chamber of government (either the Senate of Assembly)\
    • To locate the text of the bill and additional history,  go to:
      • Reference Resources page (from library’s home page)
      • Government information
      • New York State
      • Legislative Bills (1995 to current)
      • NYS Legislative Bills
      • Do either a word search for the bill, or if you found the bill number in Westlaw, put the bill number in.  If it is a Senate bill, put a S before the bill number.  For Assembly bills, put an A before the number.
      • Check off all applicable boxes beneath the search box for additional information.