Presentation Tips

Presentation tips:

  • Introduce yourself.  Tell the audience what you will be talking about, and why you are interested in this topic.
  • Become the expert for your presentation.  You should be able to make your presentation with only very minimal reference to your note cards
  • Do a full dress rehearsal of your presentation BEFORE you make your presentation.  This helps to:
    1. Get rid of the jitters.  You will probably be a bit nervous, but if you have practiced, you will be less so.
    2. Identify areas that need additional work and/or information
    3. Slow down! Don’t race through your presentation. When you are nervous, the inclination is to talk very fast.  Make a conscious effort to NOT say umm and ahhh too many times.  Speak up – you want to be heard!  Speak to your audience (and look at them, too!) NOT to the screen.
    4. Keep gestures to a minimum.  This does not mean that you need to stand stock still, but wild or too much gesturing can be distracting.  You want your audience to listen to you, not watch your arms flail about.
    5. Make your graphics mean something, and make them match what is being spoken about at the moment.
    6. DO NOT READ YOUR POWERPOINT.  Your PowerPoint should only have key points listed (less text!).  Your speech should fill in the details.
    7. Don’t forget to cite your sources at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.
    8. Do not stand in front of the projection screen.  This blocks your audience from seeing everything. 
    9. If possible, leave time for questions