There are many great  tools  built into our databases and catalog that help you create citationsHowever, these tools are not 100% accurate, and sometimes creating a citation requires you to interpret rules and to negotiate how your professor would like the citation to be formatted.

So, use the citation tools, but also use our citation guides and online materials that help you to check your citations and to understand the rules of citation styles.

Citation Building Tools

Use these tools to format your reference list citations in APA, Chicago, or MLA styles. Check the accuracy of these citations (e.g. capitalization, indentation, etc.) using a citation guide.

Cite Feature in Psycinfo and other Databases

When  you've found an article that you'd like to use, you can use the "Cite" feature to help you generate an APA citation for the article.



When you select the "cite" feature, a new page will appear with several citations for the article.  You'll need to select the APA citation for your article, and you can cut and paste it into your references list.  You'll need to check the APA styleguide to ensure that your citation is correct, though.


Tutorial on Evaluating and Citing Sources

Penfield has a tutorial on evaluating and citing sources that will provide you with an overview of how to evaluate and properly cite information sources.