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ENG 395 - Young Adult Literature - Kane

Fall 2014 Student Questions

  • How does someone become a librarian?
  • How do you decide which books to obtain for the library?
  • What does Penfield do to celebrate Banned Books Week?
  • How can we find resources to go along with the books we read so that we can put curriculum folders together?
  • Where do books that go out of circulation go? Are they available to buy?
  • Since you work in a college library, what books do the students usually flock to in terms of reading for pleasure? Any trends?
  • Have you been reading things and talking with other librarians about the emerging category of New Adult Literature? What do you think about it?
  • What awards do you follow to keep up with new literature? 
  • What sources do you especially like or recommend for book reviews?
  • What conferences do you attend/present at?
  • Do you have a favorite book, either a recent favorite or an all-time favorite?

Fall 2013 Student Questions

  • Are there databases that are especially useful for writers?

It depends on your topic and what you are writing about. The library research guides by subject are great way to find databases about your topic of interest.

  • What is your favorite genre?

Biography and by extension, biographical graphic novels.

  • Are there different resources for foreign literature?

Penfield Library has foreign language books, public libraries often have a large collection of literature written in an original language. Library databases and websites also can provide you with good information.

  • I plan to write a book about a fantastical dystopian society set in Medieval times. Where can I find out about weaponry, language, class distinctions, etc.?

 Search the Penfield Library Catalog - Search Databases - Example Keywords: Medieval Weapons

  • What do you think of Is it worth my time? Are there better options for book recommendations?   

Goodreads is an excellent social media site for book enthusiasts and you will probably find the most "authentic" reviews by readers on this site. I suggest utilizing the knowledge of public librarians - teen librarians especially - are great at reader's advisory, the art of recommending books.

  • How does a book get categorized as YA lit?

 YA books are usually classified as such by publishers. See "Characteristics of Young Adult Literature."

  • Why doesn't Penfield have a bigger YA section?

Short answer: $$$

  • How would I search for specific themes within a genre (fantasy, dystopian, etc.)?

Check a book's summary in a library catalog, read reviews, etc.

  • Are there YA books that teach English skills, such as grammar and writing? 

 The books don't teach the skills, teachers do. I suggest looking for titles in the Teaching Resource Center.

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