History of Higher Education

New York, State University College of Education, Oswego. 
Historical Sketches Relating to the First Quarter Century of Oswego Normal School, 1861 to 1886.  1888. 
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Circulating Collection LB 1921 .O72 A5 1861-1888
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Oswego State Normal School.
History of the First Half Century of Oswego State Normal and Training School, 1861-1911.  1913. 
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Rogers, Dorothy. 
Oswego:  Fountainhead of Teacher Education; a Century in the Sheldon Tradition.  1961
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Rogers, Dorothy.  SUNY College at Oswego:  Its Second Century Unfolds.  1988. 
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Object Teaching / Object Lessons

Object teaching and object lessons were introduced in the U.S. by followers of Johann Pestalozzi.

Edward Austin Sheldon, founder of the Oswego Normal School, was instrumental in using and promoting this Pestalozzian method of instruction.

Origins of State Normal School

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Oswego Movement and Object Teaching

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