Oswego Normal School Faculty

1923 Oswego Normal School Faculty.  Some of the faculty seen here are: "Front row:  Scoville, Riggs, Stevens, Karcher, Jorgensen, Hahner.  Second row:  Rudolph, Olmstead, Ziel, Baxter, Sinnamon, Wagg.  Third row:  Hayes, ___ , ___ , O'Geran, Fitch, Otis, Scales, Easterling.  Back row:  Libby, Holmes, Hart, ___ , Tether."  2004.029.0018

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Lida Penfield

A young Lida S. Penfield.  1899.


Principals of Normal School's and Teacher Colleges.  c. 1930's [?]  Dr. James G. Riggs, Oswego Normal School principal is far left.  Oswego Normal School (Sheldon Hall) is visible in the background.  The principals flank the Sheldon Statue.