Oswego Normal School Faculty

1923 Oswego Normal School Faculty.  Some of the faculty seen here are: "Front row:  Scoville, Riggs, Stevens, Karcher, Jorgensen, Hahner.  Second row:  Rudolph, Olmstead, Ziel, Baxter, Sinnamon, Wagg.  Third row:  Hayes, ___ , ___ , O'Geran, Fitch, Otis, Scales, Easterling.  Back row:  Libby, Holmes, Hart, ___ , Tether."  2004.029.0018

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Lida Penfield

A young Lida S. Penfield.  1899.


Principals of Normal School's and Teacher Colleges.  c. 1930's [?]  Dr. James G. Riggs, Oswego Normal School principal is far left.  Oswego Normal School (Sheldon Hall) is visible in the background.  The principals flank the Sheldon Statue.


1955 Ontarian

College Publication

The Vocationist was produced by the
Industrial Arts Department from 1912 to 1939.
Copies are in Special Collections.