What is O-TEAM?

Starting Fall 2017, all incoming ECE freshmen are assigned an O-TEAM (Oswego Team for Effective Advisement and Mentoring) to support academic success. Your O-TEAM includes:

  • Your advisor
  • Your faculty mentor
  • Your career coach
  • Your librarian

Useful Things to Know About the Library

What Can You Ask a Librarian?

You can ask a librarian pretty much anything. If we don't know the answer, we'll help you figure out who does!

Here are some things we're especially good at, though:

  • Help starting your research, or figuring out what to do if you get stuck.
  • Help understanding the types of sources your professors ask you to use.
  • Help identifying the best sources--and doing it quickly.
  • Help preparing a presentation on your research.
  • Help citing sources. (We also have a page devoted to citing sources, did you know?)
  • Help figuring out the ins and outs of library policies and services.