Digitizing video

  1. You must secure permission from the copyright holder before you digitize. This applies to all media - even if it's your own personal copy, or a copy that belongs to Penfield Library.

    How can I find the copyright holder?

  2. Once you've obtained permission from the copyright holder, or have determined fair use applies, then you're ready to digitize.

    We have the equipment for digitizing here at Penfield, and we can teach you how to use it (but we won't convert it for you). If you'd like to learn how to digitize your materials, contact our Learning Commons Coordinator, Chris Hebblethwaite (chris.hebblethwaite@oswego.edu). He'll need proof that you have permission from the copyright holder, and he'll arrange to have someone instruct you on the hardware / software we have available for digitization.

  3. After the video has been digitized, we recommend you upload the file to Ensemble. If you've never uploaded anything to Ensemble, you will need to contact Dan Laird (dan.laird@oswego.edu) to set up an Ensemble "library" for you. He can also instruct you on how to upload the file to Ensemble.

    You can embed the Ensemble video in Blackboard following these instructions.