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EDU 516 - Critical Review of Literature


This library guide is designed to help you with your Critical Review of Literature Assignment. Review the information under each tab. Below you will find the details about criteria for this assignment.

Format and Writing Style


  • Double-spaced, margins and sub-headings format, number pages (see APA format for papers)
  • Organization: You will divide your paper into three sections (A, B, and C). 

Writing Style

  • The writing style should be readable. You may use a casual or personal writing style. You do not need to use third person grammar. If you use first person, use active nouns, pronouns, and verbs. Write about what you know and what you have learned.

Section A

What to put in Section A:

  • A brief summary of your topic = 2 pages long
  • This summary should include: your thinking about why you picked the topic and your hunches about what kind of study might turn up, and references to the articles, websites, or other sources you have found on your topic.

Section B

What to put in Section B:

  • This section is the actual critical review of literature
  • This section should be 8 to 10 pages long - no more, no less
  • This section will be divided into three sections: An Introduction (that serves as an overview of the research), the Body (the key themes you develop), and a Summary/Conclusion.
  • A literature review is more than just a summary of your topic. It is an essay about your topic that synthesizes the themes found in the journal articles (and other sources) you located. It also has you identify holes or gaps in the research that need to be addressed. Make sure to watch the tutorials on this guide to help you understand more about creating a literature review.

Section C

What to put in Section C:

  • Reference List. References should be written in APA format. You should cite your 5 journal articles, 1 thesis or dissertation, and website on this references list. You may also include additional articles that you have found since the Virtual Library Assignment.
  • Use the resources on the APA Citations tab of this guide to help you. 

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