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HIS 102: World History in the Twentieth Century


Integrity and Participation in a community of scholarly practice

Integrity--Treat your field of study, your sources, your own thinking and your audience members fairly and with respect

Participation--Progress from being an outsider, to joining a community of scholarly and professional practice as a novice and then to becoming a member of a discipline


Pose a question that interests you and others, with an understanding that “research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions” (ACRL)

Discover Sources

Search for and access credible sources that can help you answer your question

Use Sources

Thinking/Creating--Transform what you learn from others into knowledge of your own making

Reading/Understanding--Read, view, interpret, analyze, and critique material from sources to construct your answer to the question

Writing/Sharing--Compose, produce, revise and present your answers and learning to others as a disciplined contribution to knowledge

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