Projects to work on

Get the word out!

The Peer Reference Assistant Program was created for students to connect with other students at the Research Help Desk. After reading through this training guide, you should now have a good understanding of your role and the services that you’ll provide to your fellow students. You will thus be the best person to announce the service and promote its use!

We’d like you to create a flyer, poster, video (whatever you're inspired to do) to advertise the Peer Reference Assistant Program to your fellow students. Try to include the following:

  • An overview of what you do as a PRA at the Research Help Desk. Make it catchy! Let other students know why you’re sitting there.
  • An example of some of the services we provide at the Research Help Desk
    • Include: how to find books, how to search databases, assistance with citations
  • Get creative! Include visual elements (graphics, pictures, etc.) that will draw the eye and capture attention
  • License your flyer with a Creative Commons license (ask Deb or Laura for details)
    • Include a link to the appropriate CC license


Create a Quest Presentation

But don't go it alone! Work with a librarian to develop a presentation. Consider the following topics:

  • Copyright for students
  • Understanding research and how to use Penfield Library
  • Other ideas


Help Train the PRAs Coming Behind You

Create an FAQ to help future students coming into the PRA role. Tell them what you wish you had known when you first started at the desk. Create a list of tips and tricks. Get creative!


Come Up With a Theme and Develop a Display

Take a look at the glass cases (and surrounding space) under the central staircase. What should we put in there? Work with a librarian and create a display that reflects the interests, passions, and/or concerns of your fellow SUNY Oswego students. Get creative! Select items from the collection that match the theme and supplement with posters, information, etc.

Displays are changed monthly so there are plenty of opportunities here for you to contribute.

Past display themes have included: