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Curriculum Mapping

Which courses might be best suited for information literacy instruction?

It is best to discuss with the department which of their courses might fall into these categories:

  • Gateway/Initial writing courses - All students in the major are required to take one of these courses.
    • A gateway course is the department's introduction to their major. 
    • An initial writing course is when students are first asked to write a research paper in their major.  
  • Select mid-level courses that would give students higher level skills and help prepare them for their capstone experience.
    • In most cases, this only needs to be one course that is agreed upon by the department
    • Look for courses that may be named or described as "research methods."
  • Capstone or Senior Seminar courses.  All undergraduate majors at SUNY Oswego have capstone or senior seminar courses.
    • These courses should not require heavy instruction but may be opportunities for consultation and guidance.
    • Problems you discover at this level will help you assess what needs to be addressed during earlier instruction sessions.

Where do I find courses best suited for information literacy instruction?

Course catalog (MyOswego

  • Look for Writing Intensive courses (Link to document that tells people how to do this. However, on 6/25/19 Chris asked CTS for a report from MyOswego of this information.)

Writing/research intensive courses

  • Find out from department faculty which courses have heavy research and/or writing requirements

Look at the Writing Plans

  • Writing plans may be found on the Writing Across the Curriculum website under Writing Plans by Major 
  • These plans may be outdated and need to be discussed with the department Chair.

Information Literacy Infusion Plan

  • Ask your department for their Information Literacy Infusion Plan.  Note:  Some departments do not infuse information literacy. 
  • Check the General Education page to see which departments are "infused," and which ones use a cognate.
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