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SPE 304: Educational Planning for Students with Disabilities

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Laura's Tips for Citing in APA

Learn how to cite books and articles in APA

Books and articles are what you'll cite the most, so really learn how to cite those properly. For everything else, Google is my go-to. For example, if you're not sure how to cite a video in-text, just Google "video apa in-text". Look for results from, and college libraries or writing centers.

The links below are also good places to check!

Citation generators are awesome, but not perfect

There are many citation generators out there, and most library databases provide you with a citation for the article you're looking at. They are usually mostly correct, but not entirely correct. Issues with capitalization and author names are the most common problems.

Learn how to do a hanging indent!

When putting together a reference list in APA style, the first line should be normal, but all other lines should be indented. This is called a hanging indent. Here's how you can do it.

Don't try to do this in Google Slides - just do it in Word or Google Docs, and copy/paste it into Google Slides.

Want to cite a video?

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