What You Need To Know

Transferring materials to the college archives is simple with a couple of steps. Here are some things to consider before sending items or collections to Penfield Library:

  1. Is it of historical or administrative value to the institution?
  2. Does it contain any personal identifying information? Is the information protected by federal or state law?
  3. Is it currently still under the responsibility of the designated records manager?
  4. Is it considered property of of SUNY Oswego?
  5. Is it still being used by the department or office on campus?
  6. Are there other considerations that need to be addressed before being transferred to Penfield Library? Restrictions on who can access? Special equipment required to use? Fragile or delicate materials?
  7. Does it fit it within the scope of the college archives collection development policy? See examples below.

Information To Know To Submit Transfer

Collection Information

Submitter Information

Office or Department Name Name of Office or Department Representative
Name of Object or Collection Submission Date
Number of Boxes (if any) SUNY Oswego Email Address
Number of Folders (if any) Campus Telephone Number
Start and End Date of Collection (if known)  
Arrangement of Collection (Alphabetical/Chronological/Numerical/Other or Unarranged)  
Does This Contain Restricted Information?  
Box and Folder Titles  

College Archives Collection Development Policy

Below is a list of materials that currently or historically have been collected for inclusion into the college archives. Materials produced by and/or for SUNY Oswego that document the history of the institution, including:

  • Accreditation Files and Self-Study Reports for college, schools, programs
  • Annual Reports
  • These document yearly activities and achievements of departments, programs, schools, etc.
  • Blueprints & Maps
  • Bulletins (college catalog)
  • Budget materials, Annual Budgets, Audits 
  • By-laws
  • Correspondence - incoming and outgoing correspondence - relating to activities of the college, departments, schools and programs
  • Class Schedules
  • Course Outlines approved by the faculty 
  • Department and Academic Program Records
  • Annual Reports
  • Course Outlines
  • Course Syllabi, samples of these
  • Minutes of committees and faculty meetings
  • Grant proposals that were successful
  • Reports, publications, brochures related to Dept./Program activities, including staff or students
  • Records about honors and awards given to faculty members
  • Records about honors and awards given by the Departments
  • Records of special gifts to Departments
  • Faculty Scholarly & Creative Works
  • These document professional faculty activity that supports the SUNY Board of Trustees requirements for professional advancement.
  • Final Reports
  • Fundraising campaign literature, promotional material, annual reports of activities
  • Inauguration Materials 
  • Minutes & Agenda
  • These document activity, policy, planning and final decisions of campus and department committees, councils, and task forces
  • Official papers of the presidents of SUNY Oswego
  • Photographs, slides Negatives
  • Including publicity photographs, and other visual documentation of university activities.  Each item should be identified with names of individual(s), subject of pictures, occasion, place, and date
  • Plans, Reports, Feasibility Studies required by various agencies, such as affirmative action plans, official statistical reports, drafts & final report, etc.
  • Public Relations Records
  • Campus publications, selected news releases, and publicity written for the institution.
  • Publications Related to Students, Faculty & College: Handbooks, Directories, Commencement Programs
  • Recruitment Materials: general information, plans and reports
  • Speeches of University Officials
  • Statements prepared for delivery at meetings and other public functions
  • Student Publications: Yearbook, Newspapers, literary magazines, etc.