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CED 350: Proud (Fall 2018)

Resources For Building Student Activities & Unit Plans

1. Video

Tip: Do not use Discovery Education's provided citations, because they're incorrect. Here's a citation they provided:

Colman Communications, 2012. Three Branches of Government. [Video Segment]. Available from

This is what the above citation should look like:

Colman Communications (Producer). (2012). Three branches of government [Streaming video]. Retrieved from Discovery Education database.

2. Open Educational Resources (OER)


  • Are almost always free
  • Are modifiable - if something has gone out of date or is missing something, you're welcome to edit it
  • Are available for all grade levels
  • Are available for all subject areas
  • Encompass many different types of resources - textbooks, videos, full lesson plans, etc.
  • Often are aligned to specific educational standards (like Common Core)

3. Primary Sources

4. Books

The library also has a tool that can help you figure out if a book is appropriate for a specific grade level. I recommend finding a few books that we have first, and THEN checking them in this database: 

Recommended Databases

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