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COM 403 Communication Research Methods

Find Journal Articles - Key Databases

Tips and Tricks

Use "" to search terms as an exact phrase: "reality television"

Combine terms using AND to narrow your results: "reality television" AND qualitative

Combine terms using OR to expand your results:  study OR research. You may also wish to do this within one field using ( ) : (study OR research)

Add * to the root of a word to retrieve different spelling variations: method* nabs both method and methods

Some databases provide default results even if some of your search terms are not found

Check the box for limiting results to scholarly or peer reviewed items; this will help limit your results to useful resources

Search terms as subject headings to make your results more precise.  Use the thesaurus to see if your term is a subject heading.  Some databases call subject headings descripters.

What's your topic? You may need to also try searching in databases geared toward psychology, sociology, marketing, business....etc.

Journals by Title Tips

The Find a Specific Journal is a tool to quickly determine if/where you can find full text of a particular journal title. For example, if you know you want to look for articles within Mass Communication and Society, key in the aforementioned journal title to see which databases, if any, contain full text and the years available. If Penfield has an online subscription there will be a link to that, or if we own the journal in print a link to the catalog will display.

Interlibrary Loan - ILLiad

Use the library databases or catalog to look for what you need.  Material not owned by Penfield Library can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan service by clicking on the Full Text Finderor get it soon links.

Ask a Librarian