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EAD 610: Finding & Sharing Articles

Search the library's education databases

The library subscribes to a few education databases. Each database has articles from hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of journals. The benefit to searching databases is that you are searching across all of those journals at once. 

If you'd like to search our databases, these are the best ones to use: 

ERIC & Education Source

Education Source and ERIC use the same search interface (Ebsco), so you will be able to limit your searches in the same way. I recommend using these two filters: 

Screenshot of Education Source, showing Ebsco's Refine Results

  1. First, you can limit your results to peer-reviewed journals. Peer-reviewed journals contain articles that have been written and reviewed by experts in a particular field.

  2. Since you'll need to find recent articles, you can use the Publication Date sliders to limit your results to things published in the last 10 years.

Education Database

Education Database has a different interface (ProQuest), but similar filters: 

Screenshot of Proquest search results page, with focus on 'Narrow results' sidebar

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