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If there is a book, movie, or other resource you need that the library does not have, we might be able to get it for you through a free process called Interlibrary Loan. You can read more about it and login to make a request here.

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You can always ask a librarian for help. If you would like to speak with a librarian anonymously, use the Ask a Librarian chat at this link. If there's a resource you want but we don't have, we probably can get it for free for you through a service called Interlibrary Loan. Feel free to ask a librarian for help or read more about it here.


Access additional online resources, including articles from scholarly journals, websites, and more with the library's Gender & Women's Studies Research Guide.


The library provides access to many ebooks you can read online: just search your topic from the library home page and select "ebook" for your content type in the left sidebar of the search results. (Click here for a short demonstration of how to do this.)

You can also use these call number ranges to find books on the shelf at the library. However, be sure to check multiple areas. For example, a book about legal protections might be located in a different area with law books. When in doubt, use the library homepage to search. (Note: these numbers will be the same at most university or college libraries, and at other libraries that use Library of Congress classification for their books.)


Description of how to read a call number. Text only alternative provided below.Text-only alternative of the above image describing how to read a call number. (PDF)


RA639 to RA645, RC607


RC435 to RC571

HQ70 to HQ77



HQ961 to HQ997


HQ12 to HQ499


HV6545 to HV6549, RC554 - RC569.5

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