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Each major has its own librarian who works closely with the students in that major to work through their research projects.

These librarians are specialists in research in the subject area, and you can make appointments with them  if you have a project that you need help with.

You can use the Research Consultation appointment form to make an appointment, or contact me directly at:


I can meet with you in-person, or  we can set up a video conference (using Skype or the school's video  conference software, Elluminate) to work through your research project.


I can also  work with you via e-mail, but this isn't my preferred method of research consultation.

Psycinfo Tutorial

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As a psychology major, you'll need to know where to find the literature in Psychology, most of which is in databases.  Psycinfo is the primary database to use for Psychology. 

Through this guide, you'll learn about Psycinfo and strategies to effectively search and research using Psycinfo and other databases.


·       In this guide, you'll learn:



Journal articles (covers more than 1,700 periodicals), chapters, books, dissertations and reports on psychology and related fields.

Exclude Dissertations

Dissertation Abstracts

When searching Psycinfo, you'll often find what look to be great articles, and then you'll request them through Interlibrary Loan, only to find out that what you ordered was a 1 or 2 page abstract or is not availalbe.  This is usually because the citation is for a dissertation abstract.  You can easily tell if what you're looking at is a dissertation abstract by looking at the citation.

Psycinfo Dissertation Abstracts

Find Journal Articles - Specialized Databases

Depending on your project, you may want to consult other databases after you've looked at Psycinfo.  Below are some other databases you may consider, depeding on what your project is.