How do I use this guide?

This guide contains search boxes that you can embed in your Blackboard course! All you have to do is look through the guide, pick a search box, and follow the steps below. 

How can I put these boxes into Blackboard?

We're going to use the Research Guides functionality to add search boxes to your course:

  1. Go to our Search Boxes for Faculty guide to see which search boxes are available; make a note of the page (the green box on the left side of the page) and box title (the large heading above the search box).  

  2. Choose the module you'd like to add the library guide to, and click Build Content .

  3. Click Research Guides (under the Mashups heading)

    Screenshot of Blackboard 'build content' contextual menu

  4. Enter a title for the search box into Blackboard. Click Submit

  5. You will see a dropdown menu with one option; select it.

  6. This should produce another dropdown menu, labeled Content Type. Select Content Box.

  7. This will produce yet another dropdown menu, labeled Guide. Choose Search Boxes for Faculty. 

  8. Another dropdown will appear, labeled Guide Page. Select the page that contains the search box you want to use. (For example, the JSTOR: Ecology & Botany search box is on the Databases page.)

  9. The last dropdown will appear; choose the box that contains your desired search box.

    Here's what a completed dropdown menu might look like:

    Screenshot of LibGuides LTI dropdown menus in Blackboard

  10. Click Embed Content. You're done! If you'd like, you can go back to your Blackboard module to see how it will appear to your students.