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Library Resources & Services for Syracuse Faculty

If there's a book you'd like us to send you, the first step is to find out whether we have the book or not. You can do this by selecting All Books from the drop-down menu, and then entering the book title into the search box.

Screenshot of library homepage, with 'All books' selected from the dropdown menu above the search box.

Don't be fooled by book reviews

When you search for a book title, sometimes it may seem like we have the book — but in actuality, we only have access to a review of that book!

Here's an example of a book we do own — in multiple formats. The first result shows you an ebook, and the second result shows you a print book.

Search results for 'Small Teaching' book in library catalog; image has thumbs up emoji on it to indicate we own it

The following example is a book we don't own - you'll notice that at the top of each search result, it shows the format. Both of these search results are articles, rather than books. 

Search results for 'The Calculating Stars' book in library catalog; image has thumbs down emoji to indicate we do not own it

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