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Maker Services at the Library

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Next upcoming event

ATTENTION: Due to the weather forecast, we're rescheduling this event. Keep an eye on this space for the updated date and time soon.

Interested in getting your own supplies for this event so you can take your creation home with you? Here's a list of recommended supplies. We have a limited number of library supplies you can use for free but won't be able to take them with you.


Want to know when a new event is coming up? Join the email list!

Questions about anything you see on this guide? Contact the Learning Technologies Librarian.

What are maker services?

The maker movement is about creating, about hands-on projects and DIY, and about working together with and alongside other makers to learn from each other and help each other out. What counts as making? Just to name a few:

- Electronics

- 3D printing

- Knitting and crochet

- Circuitry

- Papercrafts

- Computer programming

- Stop motion animation

- Gardening

All through the Spring semester, the library will be hosting events celebrating the maker movement and inviting you to come make cool things! Keep an eye on the schedule and check out the other tabs above for information about the equipment you'll be able to tinker and experiment with at these events.

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