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SOAR- SUNY Open Access Repository

Guide for faculty, staff, and students to add published materials and thesis projects into SOAR.


SOAR (SUNY Open Access Repository) will be used to make available open access scholarly and creative articles and theses of SUNY Oswego faculty, students, and staff.


SOAR will be designated as the open access digital repository for SUNY Oswego as declared in the SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy approved by SUNY Oswego Faculty Assembly and President Deborah F. Stanley in November 2019 The primary items designated for inclusion into SOAR will only apply to “scholarly articles, or the kinds of writings typically published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and conference proceedings” while the author is an employee of SUNY Oswego, and only applies to articles completed after the adoption of the SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy in November 2019 and with a compatible licensing agreement. Additionally, SOAR will be designated as the digital repository for thesis work completed at SUNY Oswego.


When you are ready to add your work to SOAR please use the appropriate forms found on the left side of this guide (Faculty and Staff- Add Published Works, Students- Add Thesis). While not all fields may need to be filled in, all required fields must be completed before successfully submitting the form.

Once the form is submitted the Archives & Special Collections staff will add the information and attached documents to SOAR. Submissions may take up to three business days to appear in SOAR. If the Archives & Special Collections staff have any questions about information found on the submitted form they will contact the submitter at the email address provided on the form.



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