Lake Effect Research Challenge: Search Tools

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Search Engines

Where do I find websites:

Depending on what you're searching for you might need to use a variety of search engines because each has different strengths and coverage.

How do search engines differ?

  • Most search engines use virtual robots to look for websites
  • Mathematical formulas are used to select pages and to organize the results list
  • Some search engines use people to review and gather websites
  • No search engine covers the entire web. They all target particular areas of the web using their own criteria


  • uses robots and formulas to select the most popular parts of the web
  • Google Uncle Sam also relies on robots and formulas, but only covers US Government websites and resources
  • IPL2 has a team of librarians and library science graduate students select and review high-quality websites on a broad range of topics. 
  • Browsys is a meta search engine that provides results from several different search engines and social media  into one results list and provides tabs that allow you to move quickly from source to source.

Now let's try a search in one of these search engines.

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