MS 136  Walker, Mary Edwards.  Papers consist largely of photocopies of journal articles and nineteenth & twentieth century newspaper clippings. Also included are two pieces of correspondence, one written by Dr. Walker and the other received by her. The first letter (no date) was to Marriet E. Gifford discussing her observations of industrial change in Minetto, New York, and a brief visit to Fulton, New York. The second letter, dated October 10, 1915, is from a friend mentioning health problems and regrets for not attending a suffrage meeting. Included is a bankbook of Dr. Walker's, issued by the First National Bank of Oswego, New York. It lists the deposits, withdrawals, and balance of her bank account from July 7, 1916 to July 1, 1919.
MS 086  Brown, Clara Adele.  “Adele Brown Collection.” 1895-1986.  4 boxes.
ABSTRACT: The Adele Brown collection contains Dr. Walker stamps and a background history of the stamp is included in the collection.


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Oral Histories

062  Dietz, Carrie.  Interview by Judith Wellman.  1975
ABSTRACT:  Narration of Dietz's experiences in Oswego at the turn of the century and before.

OH 218  Downing, Raymond.  Interview by A. Duckert.  1976.
ABSTRACT:  A Massachusetts resident recalls the days when Dr. Walker used to visit his home in Greenwich.

OH 096  Groat, Dewitt.  Interview by Jeffrey A. Levine.  1978.
ABSTRACT:  Narration about life on a farm;  recalls Dr. Walker.

OH 098  Perry, Muriel.  Interview by Jeffrey A. Levine.  1978.
ABSTRACT:  Narration about teaching in the Oswego School District for over forty years.  Recollections of Dr. Walker.

OH 143  Salisbury, Lena.  Interview by Jeffrey A. Levine.  n.d.
ABSTRACT:  Narration of an Oswego Town native born in 1888.

OH 158  Savas, Thomas.  Interview by Jeffrey A. Levine.  1979.
ABSTRACT:  A Greek immigrant discusses his life in Greece and his life in Oswego.

OH 166  Turner, Thomas.  Interview by Jeffrey A. Levine.  1979.
ABSTRACT:  Born in 1891, Turner discusses the many changes in Oswego including information about Dr. Walker.

OH 219  WRVO "Dr. Mary Walker."  1976.
ABSTRACT:  A radio program featuring Dr. Walker and the fight to reinstate her Congressional Medal of Honor, with Ann Walker.


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